Opti Pinnies

                                             Opti Logo                                        Blank
Our Pinnies are great to show off your Opti sailing with pride or to just add comfort, color and stability to your sailor's life vest. They are available with the Opti logo or just blank, which allows you to customize them with your Club or team's designs, graphics or burgees. These Pinnies stretch to fit nicely over your life jacket, with generous arm openings, so there are no restrictions of movement. Our Pinnies are offered without elastic at the waist, which helps avoid any extra discomfort when sailing. The material extends below the vest and stretches in and down, so they fit snugly on the waist for a secure hold. For smaller vests the material tucks nicely under the jacket for a smooth and comfortable fit.  One Size fits all.
Material is polyester / spandex and may be machine washed.

                        *Opti Logo not availabe on the white at this time